rayne days

I'm Rayne. 22. Detroit born, LA livin. Doctorate of psychology student. 6 feet of weird. I like being outside, reading, and drinking things that start with "w" (whiskey & wine). This picture is of me (taken by Devinn, full pic here )
Sometimes a lot of this blog is my instagram pictures because I live a very busy life. xoxo.
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  • lovely evening shooting with @nwestphoto! my weekend is being spent in pools 💙 (at Mission Beach)

    best coozies: SWORN TO FUN, LOYAL TO NONE @aleight06 #tbt (at Lake Charlevoix 🌊 🚤)

    After today I smell like dust and oil and wheat and fresh air and an old ford and I love it 💎 @eyecandidphotography


    Day 53: A quote submitted by abeandme: “People run from rain but sit in bathtubs full of water” - Charles Bukowski

    I’m kind of obsessed with this one, especially since red & aqua are my business colors (Spindle Photography), I love claw-footed tubs, I’ve been thinking about doing this one in the shape of a tub for weeks, and because more colors = more fun.

    Thank you for submitting! I really enjoyed lettering this!

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